Baroque Performance Dogs

left to right Teddy, Touche, Tango, Lacie, Katie, Amps
Many of Baroque's poodles are extremely talented
obedience and agility dogs!


MACH2 Baroque All Good Things, UD
(CH Union Jack of Midnight x CH Baroque Diavanna)

03-06-98 to 10-26-15, Miniature
Owned and loved by Barb Kraatz

Katie's Photo Gallery

Words from Katie's mom Barb:

Katie was Baroque’s first obedience titled dog, including her three titles of CD, CDX, and UD. As an obedience competitor, she was always animated and accurate. She earned a perfect score of 200 in Novice. Her titles were earned with all first place blue ribbons, except for one second place red ribbon due to an accidental drop of the dumbbell. Katie loved the sport and was a real head turner in the ring.

Katie was also Baroque’s first agility titled dog, including all titles through AKC MACH and NADAC Elite. She earned 2 MACHs and was working on her third when she was retired. Katie was fast and earned many agility placements. She loved the sport and rarely made a mistake on her own.

Katie was my loving companion and snuggle buddy. She was absolutely gorgeous and had a delightful temperament and sense of humor. Wherever I was in the house was where she would be. Katie sat or laid on my lap at the computer, on the couch, and while I put my make up on. She loved to play with her stuffed toys, racing through the house with them, giving them to me to throw, or throwing them up in the air for herself. What's not to love???

Katie was the dog of my lifetime and my heart dog and she exceeded every hope and dream I had for her.  In obedience, she earned the rare perfect 200.  Her work was always happy, showy and precise.  I was so proud to be with her in the obedience ring.   When we started agility, it looked like fun, but I didn't know if we'd ever show at trials.  However, we both loved the sport and she became a double agility champion.  We both absolutely loved running together at trials.  On top of all that, she was the best friend a girl could ever ask for.  My precious Katie made me smile in so very many ways for a very long time and I am forever grateful to Wendy for allowing me to treasure this special girl.  Katie’s name of All Good Things certainly was the right choice for her!


MACH7 Baroque Harper's Mega Watts, VCD2, CDX, TDX, RE, MXF, TQX 

(CH DKL's Zenith x Baroque Just Be Happy)
DOB 08-27-03, Miniature
Owned and loved by Linda Harper

Amps' Photo Gallery

Amps lives with Linda and Ed Harper as well as with his two dog friends, "Beau" a rescue yorkie, and "Niki" a shih-tzu.  Niki was Linda's first agility dog and helped to get Linda addicted to the sport.  It has now become Linda's favorite hobby and the reason why Linda and Ed got Amps as a puppy, as a second agility dog.

"Handsome" is Linda's favorite nick-name for Amps.  He is a natural at agility.  Amps is so intelligent it makes him super easy to train.  His drive for this fast, fun sport is incredible.

Amps' performance career is impressive especially for his young age.  He has earned five Master Agility Championship titles (MACH) and he is only 6 years old.  He has competed at the AKC Invitational two years in a row.  This prestigious event is by invitation only for the top five of each breed for the year of competition.  He also is no stranger to qualifying and competing at the AKC National Agility Championships.  Greg Louganis often runs Amps in agility when Linda is not able to. Amps is a very special poodle when he gets to run with an OIympic Champion!  Greg and Amps earned two High in Trial agility awards at the Poodle Club of America Regional in Long Beach, California in September 2007.

Amps doesn't stop there!  He has also competed in obedience, earning his Champion Dog (CD) designation, with High in Trial, High Non-Sporting Dog and High Poodle awards.

Amps is very concerned about our environment and doing his part to recycle is his other past-time.  No agility trial is complete without watching Amps carry aluminum cans to the recycle bin.  Once there, he places the can in the appropriate container.  Good job Amps!

Amps is a beautiful miniature poodle full of personality.  He is a dynamite agility competitor and is well known across the United States.  And most of all, "Handsome" is a special boy to Linda and Ed Harper.  

MACH Baroque Just My Style, MXS MJG
CH Troymere Trump Card x CH Baroque Just Be Happy)
DOB 11-29-05, Miniature

Owned and loved by Barb Kraatz

Lacie's Photo Gallery

From Lacie's mom Barb:

"Lacie is Katie’s great niece.

Lacie is working at the Masters level in agility and has earned her MACH.  (Master agility championship)  She is extremely fast and loves the sport. She’s a fabulous little partner and running with her is such fun!

Lacie is the first dog I’ve had who chose me. At 6 weeks of age, she crawled up on my lap, made eye contact, and introduced herself. I am certain she fully expected to become my girl. As I sat on the floor with Wendy and a friend, Lacie stayed mostly with me. She got a toy and brought it onto my lap. When the toy fell, she got it and climbed back up. To this day, she gets on my lap almost as soon as I sit down. Lacie is always somewhere very close by. She is a real people girl, loving not only me but everyone she meets.  What a wonderful companion and teammate she is!

Besides “playing” in agility, Lacie loves to play with stuffed toys, balls, her poodle cousin, Sophie, her other housemate, Carly, and me. She is very smart and learns quickly. Lacie makes me laugh and is a ton of fun. She’s a terrific tail wagging little girl!"




MACH9 Baroque Dancin' In The Moonlight, MACH6 MXC2 MJB3 MXF T2B3 CGC
(CH Troymere Trump Card x CH Baroque Just Be Happy)
DOB 11/29/05, Miniature
Owned and loved by Lori Young

Tango's Photo Gallery

Tango is currently competing in agility.   01.02.11 Tango started the New Year by achieving his MACH!      and 12-31-11 ended the year by achieving his MACH2!!!


CH MACH4 Baroque Elita's New Begnning
(CH Rio's Jumpin Jack Flash x CH Baroque Just Be Happy)

DOB 11-29-06, Miniature
Owned and loved by Cindy Parish

Ginni's Photo Gallery

Ginni is the first breed champion out of Ch. Baroque Just Be Happy!

Words from Ginni's mom Cindy:

"Wendy and I are friends from a very long time ago. In 2008 I wanted a miniature to go along with all of my standard poodles and to run in agility. Wendy had a litter coming up so I waited to see if there would be enough girls. Just B had two girls, just enough for Wendy and I to each have one.

Ginni was the big puppy in the litter. She was also the naughty puppy in the litter and I was thrilled to get her. She has been a terrific show dog, finishing her Championship before the age of 2. She has multiple Variety wins from the classes, and she always gave her Handler, Barbara Humphries-Gossett, a fun time while they were in the ring.

I started her agility training as a young puppy. She has been such a pleasure to train and learns very quickly. Ginni has great work ethic and plenty of drive. On the course Ginni runs with enthusiasm and speed. She is so intelligent having her as a house pet makes every day an adventure. She collects socks and folds them into neat piles. She can carry six at a time in her little mouth. Her pile of socks is never messy. She makes sure they are stacked just right. We never had to buy her smaller dog toys. Ginni loves the big toys the standards use. If it's too big, she will just drag it with her and she can put toys three times her size on the furniture. Ginni thinks pillows and dog beds are to sleep under. She has her own area to sleep in and will open and close her own door. Cupboard doors can also be fun. She will also open and close them for you. Flash lights and laser beams turn into a frenzied came of "catch it", which is always good for a laugh.

Ginni will be doing agility with me for a couple of years then I hope to have my first litter of Baroque/Elita Miniatures Poodles."

URO1 Baroque Just a Flash, RE, BN, CGC
(CH Rio's Jumpin Jack Flash x CH Baroque Just Be Happy)

DOB 11-29-06, Miniature
Owned and loved by Jim and Suzi Farrar

Teddy's Photo Gallery

Words from Suzi:

"Teddy is just starting his agility career. He is a very loving boy who possesses lots of drive and presence. He loves to work and play and is a joy to be with!

Teddy is also now becoming an obedience and rally dog!  His background in agility work and his bright mind make him thrilling to work with. He quickly understands and happily executes new commands, showing that he truly enjoys the job at hand. In fact, to him it’s not a job, it’s fun!

At home, Teddy loves to be by my side. He follows me around the house, often bringing a toy to share. We have a wonderful bond that is a real joy to me. He loves to play, especially tug-o-war and retrieving his ball. He’s a very fast and focused young dog.

Teddy is also lots of fun to travel with. He settles in his place in the car and takes the opportunity to enjoy snoozing. He’s very much a gentleman as we sightsee and turns heads with his beautiful looks and jet black coat. He loves to meet new people and enjoys their admiring attention….a true poodle!"


Baroque Jolie Gazelle, RN




"Hannah" AKC and UKC Registered, CHIC 59838
UKC GRCH Baroque Hannah, RN, RA, RE
(UKC CH Rocking Y's Rambo (CHIC 33452 ) x UKC GRCH Baroque La Marka the Silk Croc (CHIC 34874))

DOB 07-12-06, standard
Owned and loved by Wendy Cronkrite



Baroque See Ellie Go, RN, CGC

(CH Alegria Urban Cowboy x Baroque Who'll Stop the Reign)


DOB 12-03-08, miniature
Owned and loved by Suzi and Jim Farrar

Ellie's photo gallery



Words from Suzi:
I am very proud to be Ellie’s mom. She is such fun to be with and her sweet personality, bright mind, beautiful blue color and prancing gate win attention where ever we go. She is a very willing and happy worker when we are training and a super fun girl when at play. She loves to tug o’war, play fetch, and cuddle in my lap. Traveling is also at the top of her list of fun things to do and she is a joy to take along on our many trips.



Ellie has her CGC and just began her career by earning her RN, qualifying at her first three shows, always in the ribbons, and winning her last class for her title. I’m looking forward to our continued success. I know we are going to have a wonderful time!